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CAhighs 'Monsters of the Steppe'

1-2-3-4 September 2022

Highs 'Monsters of the Steppe' is in your presence again!
A tour intertwined with magnificent landscapes, curvy roads, unique natural monuments of the world and the best examples of Turkish culture and cuisine awaits us. 😍
'Monsters of the Steppe' is planned to taste all the good experiences that motorcycle riding can bring.

We will set off with our experienced riders as we will ride on highly active and variable conditions and sometimes with performance for four days.
Of course, we will be with you as always to improve your riding and make it more enjoyable.
'Monsters of the Steppe' is a great opportunity for development and practice with its surprises, different culture and geography, most of  all asphalt, but riding on the roads in a winding nature 👍

Day 1 - 540 km

After meeting in the Bursa-İnegöl region in the morning, we will set out for the route of our first day.
Passing through the beautiful roads of Kütahya and Afyon regions, some of which are main roads and some of them winding, we will settle in our hotel in Konya and relieve the tiredness of the day here.

Day 2 - 300 km

After our dinner in our hotel accompanied by conversation, we have a vigorous breakfast and leave Konya in the early hours. At noon, we go to the Cappadocia region, one of the most important natural heritages of the world, and explore the Urgup and Goreme area with jeeps for the rest of our day. Afterwards, we go to our hotel to have a rest after having a good dinner.

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