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Personal motorcycle training & coaching from beginner to advanced riding

With One-to-One riding coaching, we are with you on your motorcycle adventure from day one.

Let's start by asking ourselves why motorcycles.

To gain time by traveling faster in traffic, to travel, to enjoy nature and bends, to satisfy the passion of adrenaline.

Regardless of which one or any of them describe you, the first thing you need to do is to get an A2 driver's license and buy the motorcycle and equipment that suits your needs and purse. Welcome to the surprises and their heavy bills.

In the next step, you can try to explore on your own, even if it costs your life, by trial and error or by the advice of friends.

Or, you can proceed without leaving anything to chance, away from surprises, accompanied by a consultant who transfers and implements the system covered in the Motorcycle Roadcraft book, which has been used all over the world for over 70 years.

Improve both your skills and your road riding technique with One-to-One advanced riding coaching.

How many miles ago did you say “Okay, that's enough for me”?

When was the last time you asked yourself the question “Do I know my new bike as well as my old one”?

When was the last time we grit our teeth all the way?


Be sincere. You only need to give these answers to yourself.


Riders do not use many of their skills in daily use because they do not need them. Unfortunately, skills are doomed to rust unless used. Acquired skills continue to develop and stay fresh as periodic exercises are done and used. This will draw the fine line between surviving or not surviving dangers we face every day.

Improve both your skills and your road riding technique with One-to-One advanced riding coaching.

Repeating trainings time to time allows the skills of drivers who have done long miles to be awakened again and the development process they have stopped to start again. Moreover, it is an opportunity to gain new knowledge and experience from instructors and other riders on subjects they have never heard of before.Riding a motorcycle is an action that combines mental and physical skills. The quality of the program used in education are the most important element in developing both skills. This is completely proportional to the equipment and experience of the instructor.Remember, if your goal is to play the violin, trial and error will only make you lonely, but if it's about riding a motorcycle, it hurt you.


We wish you safe and enjoyable riding.

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