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CAhighs 'Monsters of the Steppe'

1-2-3-4 September 2022

Highs 'Monsters of the Steppe' is in your presence again!
A tour intertwined with magnificent landscapes, curvy roads, unique natural monuments of the world and the best examples of Turkish culture and cuisine awaits us. 😍
'Monsters of the Steppe' is planned to taste all the good experiences that motorcycle riding can bring.


Paved roads

Difficult roads


Historical & cultural places






1700 km

We will set off with our experienced riders as we will ride on highly active and variable conditions and sometimes with performance for four days.
Of course, we will be with you as always to improve your riding and make it more enjoyable.
'Monsters of the Steppe' is a great opportunity for development and practice with its surprises, different culture and geography, most of  all asphalt, but riding on the roads in a winding nature 👍

Tour Program

Day 1 - 540 km

After meeting in the Bursa-İnegöl region in the morning, we will set out for the route of our first day.
Passing through the beautiful roads of Kütahya and Afyon regions, some of which are main roads and some of them winding, we will settle in our hotel in Konya and relieve the tiredness of the day here.

Day 2 - 300 km

After our dinner in our hotel accompanied by conversation, we have a vigorous breakfast and leave Konya in the early hours. At noon, we go to the Cappadocia region, one of the most important natural heritages of the world, and explore the Urgup and Goreme area with jeeps for the rest of our day. Afterwards, we go to our hotel to have a rest after having a good dinner.

Day 3 - 470 km

Leaving our hotel in the morning, we arrive at Beypazarı, one of the best representatives of Anatolian history and identity, after crossing our route to Kırşehir, Kırıkkale and Ankara, which is some main roads and then curves. Here, a great program blended with local architecture, products and our cultural identity awaits us.

Day 4 - 350 km

On the morning of our fourth day, we prepare for our last day of riding by having a strong breakfast. Our route, which is adorned with the scenery that continues over Eskişehir, ends in Yenişehir and we sadly say goodbye to each other and set off towards our homes.

We will share the full detailed route and content of this carefully prepared tour with our definite participants after the group is formed.

Participation fee: 1500 Euro

What is included in the fee?

DAY 1 Lunch, dinner and accommodation.
DAY 2 Breakfast, lunch, dinner and accommodation.
DAY 3 Breakfast, lunch and dinner and accommodation.
DAY 4 Breakfast and lunch

In addition:
Various surprises for four days, our service van to accompany us for all our technical needs along the way (*if the minimum number of participants is reached), tea and soup during breaks and everything that will make us happy are included...
Other expenses such as Hgs, gasoline, alcohol belong to the participant.


Turkey motorcycle tour

Participating in this trip, where we will develop and enjoy a lot in terms of riding, will not regret, because we enjoyed it immensely even while we were planning and implementing it. 😊

OUR quota is unfortunately LIMITED and will be taken in the order of application.
Due to the nature of the tour, we kindly ask you to notify your final participation as soon as possible.

Zeynep KAMACI & Caner ATAGUN

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